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  • Free Home Evaluation
  • Attorney review of listing agreement and sales contract included
  • Great closing experience with RP Title expertise throughout the entire process, handling all searches and recording.
  • We can even help you choose the best local realtor

RP Title and Escrow is a full-service title insurance agency that provides residential and commercial real estate settlement and escrow services, title insurance, and related real estate services convering all of florida. Our professional, experienced staff is committed to providing superior service and guaranteed expertise to our customers and business partners.

Our attorneys, support legal staff and industry professionals have extensive legal knowledge and experience in every area of the real estate industry. We partner with underwriters throughout the country to facilitate transactions, as well as Central and South America, and the Caribbean.

At RP Title, we take pride in creating meaningful relationships with our clients. One thing that sets us apart from other title companies is our hands-on commitment to exemplary customer service.

What’s more, we can assist you-or refer you to the help you need-all onsite. From start to finish, your personal representative will guide you through the process, and be available to answer any questions you have. Our in-house attorney oversees each real estate transaction, from collecting and safeguarding escrow funds to handling all legal documents, including deeds, affidavits, contracts, and more. We help you understand the process, charges, and eliminate any surprises at closing.

The title company you choose to do business with will handle the most vital part of the real estate transaction, so choose wisely and shop around. Statistics show that less than 2% of buyers and sellers shop for a title company.

Call us today for a free quote and to request a title search on your property.

Who is Robert Palmer?

Robert Palmer is widely known as the innovative owner of RP Funding, a full-service mortgage company that underwrites, closes, and funds its own loans. He is a financial professional with a passion for marketing and real estate. Robert shares his financial, real estate, and marketing knowledge on his radio show “Saving Thousands,” which is syndicated on radio stations throughout the country.

Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents, brokers, and affiliates play a vital part in the home buying and selling process. We have partnered with some of the most recognized real estate professionals in Central Florida, and we are building our “preferred agents” network every day.

We believe that meeting the needs of our clients is more important than the bottom line, and our goal is to attract real estate professionals with similar values.

Our business network includes agents who handle various transactions, including short sales, REO properties, multimillion dollar listings, domestic and foreign residential and commercial investor acquisitions.

Whether you are listing a property for sale, helping a buyer find their dream home, or working with investor buyers and sellers, call us to discuss how our team can help you market your services better. From free quick title searches to limited free legal assistance, we are here to help you grow your business.

We want to partner with professionals, who have similar goals, and who want to grow our businesses together, so that we can do what’s best for the consumers. Nearly every day, we refer customers to our preferred real estate professionals. If you’d like to join our preferred network, please email us and we’ll call you to discuss possible future business opportunities together.

Our Partners

RP Title and Escrow we are committed to streamlining the closing process for our lenders to increase efficiency and make the closing experience trouble-free for everyone involved. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and to expand our knowledge, and we welcome recommendations from lenders, banks, and other mortgage professionals.

How do we help our mortgage partners?

As a lender, you will work with one person from start to finish. Your assigned closer will handle the transaction from the beginning until the funding of the loan, and he/she will be always available to assist your loan officer, mortgage processor, closer, and funder.

We handle the process from ordering payoffs, surveys, inspections, and dealing with other third party providers, to drafting legal documents, subordinations, and other documents necessary to facilitate your closing.

Whether you’re closing locally or across the country, we will locate a closer from our preferred and experienced network of notaries, and we will close your loan on time. Each of our closers has over 10 years of residential title experience, and is able to answer most of your client’s questions or concerns.

Your clients will have the peace of mind that comes with having our on-staff attorneys available to answer any questions that come up during the process, and at the closing table.

This is a vital feature that’s not available at other title companies.

As soon as the property is under contract, the title company becomes the main source of information and communication for all parties. In keeping with our mission of transparency and efficiency, we will communicate nearly every day with the buyer and seller, buyer’s and seller’s real estate agents, buyer’s lender, and all parties involved in the transaction.

We will perform a title search on the property, review history and ownership interests, and legal rights of all parties involved in the transaction. When the mortgage is approved, we will coordinate the closing with everyone involved, including preparing and notarizing all documents, receiving and disbursing funds to all parties, and recording all necessary legal documents to ensure proper ownership transfer. We will issue title insurance to the new buyer and the lender (if any), so the buyer’s purchase and ownership are guaranteed.